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Mar 14, 2019


Listen to "The Pope" admit about raping another kid during his speech to the United States Congress. He also asks for people to eat his holy semen and that the Catholic church only knows the way of murder. But the earth-shattering reversal of all, is The Pope referencing, Jimmy Saville "The Prince of Darkness" (The United Kingdom's worst and most prolific Pedophile of ALL TIME.)

Then on the second portion of this episode for the first time EVER, on "The Air," David John Oates performs a "Metawalk" session on guest Patricia. During this "Metawalk" session, you will hear "Patricia," be put under hypnosis, to have her unconsciousness recalibrated, through the use of metaphors. This is an absolutely disturbing, chilling, amazing, historical and emotional episode.

Thank you, Patricia, for your courage and believing in Reverse Speech. Enjoy and cherish your time with your father.

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