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Jul 23, 2019

*Listener Discretion STRONGLY Advised*

I can't stress this enough that this episode is not for the faint of heart. This episode focuses a great deal on disturbing content.

This episode is an absolute GAME CHANGER! This is not a joke...this is the REAL deal. Listen to David and Christian discover a Reversal, on the present-day, Pope, linking him directly to Jimmy Savile's Pedophile Ring.

Jimmy Savile

 Jimmy Savile was born in Leeds, England, on October 31, 1926, the youngest of seven children in a Roman Catholic family.  He grew up during the harsh years of the Great Depression and his working life began in the coal mines of northern England.  But Jimmy aspired to greater things, and after an injury ended his mining career he went to work at local nightclubs as a DJ.


He quickly became known for his quirky personality and flashy wardrobe.  As a young adult, he found work in radio.  In 1968 he got his own BBC television show, “Top of the Pops,” which ran until 2006, and he also hosted “Jim'll Fix It,” which ran from 1975 to 1994. 


His great media exposure allowed him to rub elbows with many celebrities, politicians, and royalty, and also gave him access to thousands of young girls. 


Jimmy Savile had an unusually close attachment to his mother Agnes, with whom he lived until her death in 1972.  He referred to her as “the Duchess,” and rarely spoke of his father.  His mother, on the other hand, considered him her burdensome “not again” child, as he was the seventh and last in the family.  She was suspicious of his behavior and how he made his living.  The two often traveled together.


Jimmy kept “the Duchess's” body in their house for five days following her death, but denied that he had any feelings about losing her.  He explained that he welcomed her death because it meant he could finally “have” her to himself without having to compete with all his other siblings for her attention.  He also held onto all of her clothing, having it dry-cleaned every year, until his own death.


He claimed not to have emotions, or to desire romantic relationships, and he never became engaged or married.  He maintained a trailer, or caravan, near his house, as his mother would not allow him to entertain young women in their home.  He would seduce young girls there, or in his dressing room at the BBC, or in a nightclub, wherever he could lure them.


Jimmy Savile is known as one of Britain's greatest philanthropists, raising over 40 million pounds for charities during his lifetime.  He received numerous awards. In 1990 alone he was granted OBE knighthood [Officer of the Order of the British Empire] and the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great [KCSG] from the Pope.  He did extensive volunteer work in various hospitals, which he used as his hunting grounds to molest hundreds of patients, especially the mentally unstable and vulnerable.

 Now his reputation has changed, to that of Britain's most prolific pedophile.

 In his later years, rumors began swirling around his sexual misconduct, but he never faced formal charges.  Some of the interviews below deal with these allegations.  He was very adept at denial, changing the subject, or completely misdirecting the narrative. In his last interview, he did finally admit to sleeping with many girls, but considered it all in good fun, as the entertainment business was all about pleasure and self-gratification.

 Jimmy died of heart trouble and pneumonia on October 29, 2011.  Following his death more than 450 reports and accusations issued concerning rape and sexual molestation.  But he had somehow wielded enough power to keep almost all of those accusations at bay during his lifetime.  He was no doubt aided by the power elite and the BBC, who denied any knowledge of his activities until his later years.  Some of his dearest friends were Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles and he hobnobbed with many heads of state during his lifetime.

He often boasted that he could do anything he wanted and get away with it.  In addition to his questionable lifetime achievements, a noted psychologist has recently conferred upon him the Dark Triad of personality disorders:  malicious narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.


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