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Jul 18, 2019

*Listener Discretion Advised*


Never before heard Reversals on "John Wayne Gacy." New revelations based on a "Reverse Speech Investigation," conducted by David John Oates, Christian D. Cadieux and with help from Barbara Salerno.

*This episode is an absolute GAME CHANGER, in exposing Pedophilia, in the mid-west.*


John Wayne Gacy...was not working alone.




born March 17, 1942 – executed May 10, 1994


Killer Clown, or Pedo Patsy – was John Wayne Gacy just a Serial Killer, or also, a child trafficker and procurer of young boys for businessmen and politicians?


John Wayne Gacy was a Chicago businessman, civic leader, and convicted killer of 33 young men and boys, 26 of whom were found buried in the crawlspace beneath his house.  He was known to cruise the streets, bus stations, and local hangouts at night looking for boys whom he could lure to his home with the promise of booze and drugs.  There he would handcuff them, rape them and then strangle them - Or did he? 


Gacy was active during the mid-1970s and finally caught in 1978.  He served 13 years in prison and was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.


Gacy was nicknamed the “Killer Clown” because he enjoyed entertaining children at parties dressed in clown attire.  In fact, he was a very sociable person, liked by many, and was active in local civic affairs and politics.  There is a well-known photograph of Gacy taken with the then First Lady, Rosalynn Carter.


This invites the question:  did Gacy's activities extend beyond his mere enjoyment of young boys, or was something more sinister going on?  Gacy ran his construction company from his house, which had office rooms in it.  Several employees, all-male, came and went from the house frequently, and some 12 different men possessed keys to the house, where there were often parties. 


Gacy claims he never committed a murder, but assisted in the disposal of two bodies.  He named four other men active in the sexual and criminal activities in his home, but none were ever investigated, nor were the employees who had access to him. 


Was Gacy the fall guy for a busy pedophile ring operating out of the Midwest?  Was he the procurer for a sex trafficking ring?  These events were going on at Gacy's house while, elsewhere in the Midwest, there were other cases of missing and murdered boys, pedophilia rings, such as those in the Franklin cover-up. He claimed he never confessed to any murders, and that there are no written or videotaped confessions made by him.


Gacy remained angry to the end about his death sentence, claiming that no one knew the full extent of what really was going on in and around Chicago regarding child trafficking.  His last words before he was put to death were, “kiss my ass.”


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